Western Australia: A Land of Discovery

For those who want to experience the vastness of Australia, Western Australia is a must. The state covers 33% of the country and offers everything from arid deserts filled with striking red sand dunes, untamed bushland teeming with wildlife like kangaroos and wombats, as well as lush rainforests full of fresh produce.

Western Australia offers something that will satisfy everyone, from thrill-seekers searching for new adventures to those who want some time in nature with incredible views all around them. The climate varies depending on where you go: head inland and be surrounded by rolling hills during summer, whereas coastal areas are home to sand dunes as well as lagoons perfect for swimming while being mesmerized by spectacular sunsets over turquoise waters.

WA is a must-visit destination for anyone who has yet to explore the Land Down Under. Here are ten reasons why: 

1) Western Australia offers some of the most diverse landscapes in all of Oceania – from pristine beaches and rugged mountain ranges in between vast desert expanses; to lush rainforest valleys with mighty rivers winding through endless plains, while also offering expansive fields covered by rolling grasslands that extend as far as one can see. This land down under promises are so much more than what meets the eye.

2) It’s home to many indigenous cultures that still speak their languages today… just visit Broome or Exmouth! They’re each spectacular in and of themselves, but have an especially profound impact on visitors because they’ve managed to keep so much of what makes them unique intact while also blending with Western culture. From Aboriginal art exhibits at museums like Quinkan Country near Cervantes National Park, as well as galleries showcasing some of the aboriginal artists’ most prized pieces from all over WA (like Pintupi painter Makin Nara), you’ll find yourself realizing how amazing it is that these people were able to keep their cultures alive so beautifully.

3) If you’re looking for a new perspective on Australia, it doesn’t get more authentic than Fremantle Prison. This former prison colony is full of rich history and hidden gems that are worth exploring one at a time to really appreciate all the workmanship done by convicts as they were in captivity here centuries ago.

4) When visiting Perth be sure to make time for Cottlesloe Beach where there’s so much more than sunsets over turquoise waters.

Cottesloe Beach is one of Perth’s most popular spots for swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. Generations of West Australians have spent summer days diving into the ocean from the distinctive floating bell just offshore. Watch as the sun sets over the beautiful Indian Ocean while enjoying a glass of wine or beer with your friends!

5) Western Australia is home to the first adventure activity of its kind in the world: wild ballooning! It offers amazing views of some of the most remote parts on Earth – with an even more unique perspective from 25 kilometers up.

6) It’s also home to a huge variety of wines. The pristine wine regions offer an amazing variety of reds, whites, and roses; you can take in iconic landmarks like Ayres Rock (Uluru) or Kata Tjuta National Park during your Western Australian tour.landscape photography of mountain under blue sky


7) There are many beautiful parks in Western Australia perfect for exploring with the family. Millstream-Chichester National Park is one of these amazing places to explore, which has a rich history and offers incredible views that you’ll never forget.

Millstream Chichester National Park is not just a place for those seeking solitude. The diverse terrain offers something new to every kind of traveler, whether it be the budding botanist or avid rock climber. There are different water systems that range from permanent pools fed by springs within porous dolomite rocks which draw in refreshing groundwater and natural artesian wells sourced from an underground aquifer with flowing streams surrounded by greenery at their banks.

8) Western Australia is the perfect place for surfers who have yet to explore what’s down under. WA beaches are some of the best in the world, and with over 800 kilometers (500 miles) of coastline, there are plenty of opportunities to find waves that perform just right! 

9) Western Australia’s coastlines, deserts, and islands have some of the most diverse terrains in all of Australasia with native plants unique to this region including one that can survive on water alone! This makes it an ideal place for bird lovers as over 800 different species live here, which includes endangered ones like the Great Australian Bight or Whooping Crane – making Western Australia your best bet if you’re looking to spot these rare birds.

10) The Kimberley region alone offers visitors a smorgasbord of natural beauty from canyons and waterfalls, ancient Aboriginal artworks that date back tens of thousands of years, to rugged coastlines lined with palm trees and crystal clear lagoons where you might find yourself swimming alongside dolphins. 

Western Australia also boasts some famous attractions like Rottnest Island or Perth’s Swan River which often appear as travel posters in coffee shops around town – but even if they don’t make it onto your itinerary be sure not to miss King’s Canyon because few places on Earth offer more stunning landscapes than Western Australia.

two motorboats on body of water in aeria l photo

Western Australia is an amazing place to visit with so many beautiful destinations. Whether you’re visiting the state for a week or just on vacation from another country, there are plenty of places that will catch your eye, and make sure you come back again!

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