The Value of Storyteller Videos: A Marketing Strategy You Need to Know About

You’ve probably seen storyteller videos on YouTube or Facebook. They’re short, usually between one and three minutes long, and they show real people telling their stories. The video captures the person’s words and expressions as they tell what makes them happy about your company, how it has helped them in some way, or why they like working there. These stories are more compelling than any text-only content could ever be because we connect with other humans on a different level when we see another human face talking to us instead of reading words on a screen. And storyteller videos don’t take up much time or money for companies to create: It can cost less than $5 per minute of footage!

What Are Storyteller Videos?

Storyteller videos are a relatively new marketing strategy that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Marketing using videos is a powerful tool that can help brands tell their own story, in order to create brand awareness and emotional connection. A video typically tells a narrative based on relatable content which covers relevant pain points before presenting the satisfying solution of your product or service. They can be used as a way to communicate benefits or features, to establish credibility, or even as a storytelling medium for those who have no interest in traditional advertising.

There are several factors involved such as camera angles, soundtracks, etc., but emotion plays an important role by creating compelling storylines and unforgettable characters for viewers to get pulled into what’s happening due to both cognitive (what we think) and affective (how it makes us feel) responses.

Why storyteller videos are so effective

1) Storytelling is one of the most natural human activities.

2) They’re easy for anyone to do with just a decent camera and editing software on their computer.

3) Storyteller videos are short, so there’s no excuse for not watching them

4) Viewers can connect on an emotional level with real people instead of reading text, which makes it more likely that they’ll share the story

5) It doesn’t take much time or money to make storytellers because most companies already have cameras and editing software.

6) Storyteller videos are an effective marketing strategy that can be used in conjunction with other methods, but they’re powerful when used on their own too!

When do storyteller videos work best?

New companies:

Storyteller videos are a great way for new companies to introduce themselves. They can be used as an effective marketing strategy that will help people find out about your company and what you do without forcing them to read lengthy text-only content online.

Established companies:

Storyteller videos allow established businesses to reinforce the idea of their brand, show how they’re helping people, and provide social proof of customer experiences by showing how real customers are using your products or services.

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Best Ways To Use Storyteller Videos

  • On Your Company’s Website
  • In Social Media Posts [ex: Facebook, Twitter]
  • In Emails Sent Out to Customers/Potential Customers
  • But storyteller videos aren’t only great for marketing purposes; they’re also a valuable training tool. Businesses can share storyteller videos with their employees so that everyone is on the same page and knows what your company stands for.

Companies That Use Storyteller Videos Successfully

  • Disney
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Nike, Inc.
  • Pixar

Benefits of storyteller videos to your company and customers

Basic stories are a good way to show the narrative in an engaging, succinct manner. They can be used alongside other marketing campaigns or on their own depending on how you want them delivered. Storytelling is one of the most important qualities of video content because it engages viewers with its powerful message being shared through sound effects that complement what’s happening within the frame at any given time. It doesn’t hurt if there is music playing as well, so long as it complements whatever sounds may already be present.

There are a wide variety of storyteller videos available on the internet, but many companies shy away from using them because they don’t want to pay for any marketing strategies that might not give their company an immediate boost. These types of videos can be shared across several social media platforms, as well as blogs and other third-party websites like YouTube. If storyteller videos are used correctly, they can bring in a slew of new customers for your company without having to pay much money at all.

The storyteller video format is very versatile, and it doesn’t take any special equipment or expensive software to create them either! In fact, many storytellers allow you to download their content for free, so you don’t have to pay anything at all. If storyteller videos are used in conjunction with other marketing strategies, companies might see an even larger increase in their profits than they would by just using storytellers alone.

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Storyteller videos are a great marketing strategy for companies to use. They allow your company’s human side of things to shine through, which is something people want these days more than ever before! Whether you’re running an eCommerce business or have brick-and-mortar shops all over the globe, sharing stories with customers allows them to connect on another level and see why they should come back time after time again.

Share your story on video today and watch the magic happen!